[Bug 38512] Re: Window close should close, not quit

Richard Laager rlaager at users.sf.net
Sat Apr 22 20:05:04 UTC 2006

Applications that have a tray icon are generally long-running. (Why else would they have the ability to minimize to tray?) Thus, the desired behavior when I close that window is that the application keep going. The desired behavior when I close other apps (say Firefox, GnuCash, OpenOffice.org, etc.) is that they close, as I'm done with them.

Rhythmbox and Gaim are the two applications I use that have a corresponding system tray icon. I close applications with Alt-F4, which is, of course, my window manager's close window mapping. Having Ctrl-W in Rhythmbox minimize to tray achieves the desired effect, but there are two flaws:

1. It's a per-application setting. The window manager close functionality is consistent across apps. I can't map Alt-F4 to that menu item, can I (as it's already caught by the window manager)?

2. It's inconsistent. The menu item that Ctrl-W maps to is "Close", not "Minimize to Tray". Therefore, I expect the close button on the window to have the same effect as that menu item. The "X" on a window is not a "quit" application button, it's a "close window" button. If I click it on a dialog for an application, the application doesn't quit. That window goes away. Therefore, we already have a precedent for context-specific behavior of the close window button.

Window close should close, not quit

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