[Bug 33002] Re: logout dialog UI objections

Thilo Six t.six at gmx.de
Fri Apr 21 17:41:45 UTC 2006

I also have problems with the logout window.

I have tried that:
> People who want to use the upstream dialogs are free to do so,
> you just have to change /apps/panel/global/upstream_session
> key to true with gconf-editor

But this works only when clicking on the logout button.
I use a shotcut to logout.

The second and more confusing thing to me is the little "save the session" box disappeared on logout window.

I get used to set up my session as i liked it, then loged out and saved it.
How do i do that now?

Here is a quote from the online Help window for "Setting Session Preferences":

Automatically save changes to session:
If you do not select this option, when you
end your session the Logout Confirmation dialog displays a Save current setup option.

So that "Save current setup option" is missing.

logout dialog UI objections

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