[Bug 40259] Re: unrealistic shadows

Billy Cantrell bvcmdk at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 21 03:32:42 UTC 2006

There's nothing tasteful, professional, or artistic about the current shadows. Inkscape can do better, as seen. The original Tango (grey) icons had similar shadows but I think they were imported png's. Why do you think the original had them? It looks more professional. That was the original design/concept which falls inline with all other professional icon themes that use the concept. These dots do not acheive anything but an eye sore compared to my example above. So there's no reason to file a bug against tango. Jacob knows what looks better and since you are already in contact with him just point him to this page so he'll know how to acheive similar with svg.

No one wants a round object sticking out below their square file or square folder. It's very odd and distracting.

unrealistic shadows

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