[Bug 40314] Re: Themable logout dialog

Michael Monreal michael.monreal at gmail.com
Thu Apr 20 17:25:25 UTC 2006

To follow-up on the "ZzZ" bit: as I note on bug #40324, gnome-power-manager HEAD has been switched to use Tango artwork. So upstream now officially uses the "ZzZ" in those icons.

Bug #4032 is about switching g-p-m to use those new icons in Dapper. The current icon set in g-p-m is ugly, so I have a lot of faith that the Tango icons will make it in. If so, the "ZzZ" is already used in the desktop and you may as well use those icons (48x48 and svg versions now available in gnome CVS) in the logout dialog now.

The "ZzZ" may be a problem for a few users, but you can argue that way for any icon, you will always find someone who doesn't get a metaphor. But the "ZzZ" icons are much better than the current (which macke no sense at all to me, dunno how they are releated to sleep and hibernate). Lastly, using what upstream does is another plus, as many other future distributions will ship those icons.

Themable logout dialog

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