[Bug 27316] Re: Video DVDs not recognised by Breezy desktop

Daniel Elstner daniel.kitta at googlemail.com
Mon Apr 17 22:01:00 UTC 2006

Output of "python cdcaps.py /dev/cdrom" on my system:

Before inserting any disk:

CDO_USE_FFLAGS returned 13
got drive capabilities: 39ffef
CDC_DVD_R support
CDC_DVD support
CDC_CD_RW support
CDC_CD_R support
got disc status: 0

After inserting a video DVD, nothing changes. Particularly, I still get:

got disc status: 0

Also, the following message shows up in the syslog:

cdrom: This disc doesn't have any tracks I recognize!

Then, after replacing the video DVD with an audio CD, the capabilities don't change but the disc status does:

got disc status: 100

If I now again replace the audio CD with the video DVD, the disc is finally recognized:

got disc status: 101

Again, the capabilities did not change, unlike in the report posted by Barry Shilliday. From there on, the drive works just as it should until the next reboot.
Video DVDs not recognised by Breezy desktop

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