[Bug 33002] Re: logout dialog UI objections

Andrea Garbarini garbaz at alice.it
Mon Apr 17 19:14:13 UTC 2006

I am sorry if what I'll be saying might sound blunt, but I find the new logout dialog totally useless and very, very inconsistent. Not only is its layout not in keep with gnome's HIG, but what I find disturbing is that it lacks consistence:

- why not provide all the options straight in the gnome's system menu? right now, in the system menu we have "lock screen" and "logout", I wonder what makes the "lock screen" action so special to have a right to sit there while, for example, "logout", "change user" "reboot" etc. haven't this right
- most of all, why should the "logout" button in gnome's system menu bring up this dialog rather than doing what it should be supposed to do i.e. logout the user?
- last day my father was using my pc to browse the web, think of him as your average non-tech savvy person in his sixties... I told him to "shutdown the pc when done"... Well, what he did was looking for some option in the "system" menu, and this is good, but he then called for help 'cause he couldn't find any "shutdown" option... and remember most users, accustomed to "some OS" out there which lack multi user support, don't even know what "logging out" is all about, hence they would never click on "logout" in the first place.

So please, why not make things easier for both the end users and you, the developers: I would reccomend you got rid of that logout thing and provide all the options straight in the "system" menu, forgive me for not appreciating the effort some of you guys put on that logout dialog but I think the outcome, well, is simply subpar with the level of excellence dapper is reaching... as a side note, the "cancel" button gets slightly resized when, hovering over the buttons with the mouse pointer, the text describing the highlighted option spans over two lines... not good at all... sorry but i am very picky when it comes to gtk finesse =)

regards, andre

logout dialog UI objections

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