[Bug 35141] Re: Counterintuitive shutdown behaviour

José M. López-Cepero cepe at gmbm.net
Mon Apr 17 07:58:00 UTC 2006

*** This bug is a duplicate of bug 33820 ***

@Seb Bacher: See bug #34646. Basically, the dialog that appears when using the Logout panel applet does not work - if you click Shutdown, or let the countdown expire, the system shows the same dialog as if you had clicked the Log Out... entry from the System menu instead of shutting down directly.

@Alvin: I'll continue the (technical) argument in bug #33820, but I want to point out that there is essentially no difference between I "trying to argue that [my] priorities are more important than someone else's" and you doing the same, with the difference that a) this behavior has changed when going from Breezy to Dapper and could well have been caused by a bug when the new logout dialog was introduced and b) I don't think users with laptops and cats who like pressing the power button qualify as a majority. :)
Counterintuitive shutdown behaviour

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