[Bug 38149] Re: setting a default printer does not work

jh jh+lpd at daria.co.uk
Sun Apr 16 09:11:16 UTC 2006

Further: Redid my whole cups setup.

1. Removed all the policy stuff from cupsd.conf. This allowed gnome-cups-manager to 'see' the ppd stuff.

2. stopped cupsys

3. deleted /etc/cups/printers.conf, /etc/printcap and, importantly, /var/cache/cups/remote.cache (this is key)/

4. How everything works *until I change something using gnome-cups-manager*, which rewrites /var/cache/cups/remote.cache, may cause cups to crash, and, on restart I have laser at remotehost vice 'laser', and no default.

setting a default printer does not work

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