[Bug 39544] Re: epiphany does not work on a remote desktop session

Jos Dehaes jos_dehaes at fastmail.fm
Fri Apr 14 13:41:41 UTC 2006

*** This bug is a duplicate of bug 29906 ***

Epiphany refuses to start with no session daemon running, so it is unusable.

There are 2 use-cases for me: 
- a full remote desktop login (using NX, or XDMCP) -> use the dbus-launch gnome-session trick
- ssh with X forwarding -> use dbus-launch epiphany

so I now have a workaround for both, but for users who are new to linux, or don't know the workaround, epiphany won't work, and they won't know how to fix it. This should all be transparent to the user, this trickery shouldn't be needed. 

In the case that you log into a remote box with SSH and X forwarding, starting epiphany should launch a dbus session daemon if it really needs one. An alternative is to run it in "standalone mode" or something when it's run this way?

In the case of a full remote desktop login, gnome-session should spawn the dbus session daemon, not the other way around in my opinion.

epiphany does not work on a remote desktop session

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