[Bug 35661] Re: Cant' change "default" sound card

Jeff Bullard jeffbullard at houston.rr.com
Thu Apr 13 08:07:50 UTC 2006

I have same problem.  After a fresh install of Dapper the on-board SiS sound card is set as default.  Go to System-->Preferences-->Sound   The default sound card is listed as SiS Sl7012.  Try to change to C-Media PCI CMI8738-MC8.  Change accepted but not saved upon exit.  Sound card immediately reverts to the SiS on-board card.  The only app that I have found to get sound through the PCI card is XMMS.  XMMS sound prefrences:  OSS driver configured for the PCI card.
Cant' change "default" sound card

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