[Bug 38441] Re: Default application for audio CD shouldn't be sound-juicer

Pierre C pierre.chanial at gmail.com
Fri Apr 7 13:20:21 UTC 2006

Out of the three reasons, only the first one is valid.
> - rhythmbox has no command line option to start on the CD
that's a rhythmbox bug.
> - rhythmbox UI is not intuitive for CD playing for users according to desktop team opinion
MacOSX does just that. Inserting a CD opens iTunes and is available in the sidebar, exactly like Rhythmbox.
> - you can changing the app to start to system, preferences, disks and removable media
That's too hidden for ubuntu target who just want to be able to have an insert and play solution in ubuntu.

Still even with an eventually non-broken sound-juicer, the user experience is poor. double clicking on a track edit the track title instead of playing it. Why not putting back the simple gnome music player?

I'll open another bug report concerning the impossibility to play the selected track in sound-juicer in another bug, with the debug log.

Default application for audio CD shouldn't be sound-juicer

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