[Bug 17970] Re: gtk-update-icon-cache not run

Emmanuel Touzery emmanuel.touzery at free.fr
Mon Apr 3 07:17:48 UTC 2006

i agree with some that comment that the cache specification is broken.
there is an alternative to patching the 300+ packages: patch the cache to:
1. retry on the filesystem if the icon wasn't found in the cache (as sebastien bacher suggested on planet gnome)
2. check recursively the mtime to decide whether the cache is outdated

so that's the alternative for ubuntu & debian: patch the cache instead of disabling it, even if upstream disagrees. 1 package to change instead of 300+ and of course rebuild applications to use the cache, which would be needed anyway.
of course that risks some bad mood & bad comments from upstream...
gtk-update-icon-cache not run

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