[Bug 35660] Re: Disk activity every second every day

Bigbilly usergentoo at gmail.com
Mon Apr 3 06:43:46 UTC 2006

Updated this weekend and thought everything was fixed till I rebooted.  Now I have no more cpu spikes. But I do have now constant cdrom/hardrive access but that is fixed by sudo /etc/dbus-1/event.d/20hal stop . Which only leaves me with a constant disk access ever 5 seconds and tracked it down to my xsession-errors log growing very large. I stopped cupsys thinking it might help but nothing changed. Now it looks as I'm in a different ballgame. Within the past 18 hours its grown to about 15megs. It starts off with "error 177 request 153 minor 8 serial 611" and toward the bottom it keeps growing to where it is now, at "error 175 request 151 minor 14 serial 9146476". The most common sequence I see is the "error 175 request 151 minor 14" the endings are really the only difference. If I knew what was writing to it I would shut it down any clue? Also toward the top of the file it had alot of errors from firefox about gdkpixbuf I read by changing the gtk theme to a different fixed this but have not tried it yet, but those particular gdkpixbuf errors only came up when firefox was open.

Disk activity every second every day

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