[Bug 22025] Re: totem doesn't respond to STOP hotkey

Nicolò Chieffo 84yelo3 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 2 13:20:38 UTC 2006

No, wait! stop hotkey does nothing! rythmbox (which also does not have a stop button) instead can handle the stop hetkey, really stoping the song (not pausing it)
well I just want to add two comments: 
1) rythmbox handles all music hotkeys without having them set in "keyboard shortcuts", while totem doesn't: it handles only the keys you set in "keyboard shortcuts", of course except stop as I told you before

2) instead of rythmbox, totem handles music hotkeys only if its the current selected window (to well explain if I'm surfing the web with firefox, the hotkeys have no effect. Only if I click on totem window and then I press the hotkeys, I have an effect). this might be a separate bug to open... what do tou think?
totem doesn't respond to STOP hotkey

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