[Bug 16343] Ctrl-click to add multiple attachments in the file-selector does not work

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------- Additional Comments From a.t.meinen at chello.nl  2005-09-27 00:29 UTC -------

Thanks for nagging me Sebastien, I just found out something that might lead to
fixing the problem.

Yep, it happens with gedit too: when I try to open more than one file in gedit
using the file-selector. Shift-click works, Crtl-click doesn't.
By the way, deselecting with Ctrl-click doesn't work either. 

What *does* work however is: Ctrl-Shift-Click. This selects and deselects the
way Ctrl-click normally should do.
So could this have to do with keyboard-settings perhaps? (I haven't touched
those settings yet)

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