[Bug 16324] cd icon is placed randomly on desktop

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Sun Sep 25 22:20:31 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From won at home.nl  2005-09-25 23:20 UTC -------
Hmm my bug seems to be opened upstream already: #45953
After mounting about 5 different data cd's i think i found something.

When a cd is mounted for the first time the cd icon is placed randomly on my
desktop, sometimes overlapping another icon as show in the attachment in bug
45953 at gnome's bugzilla. When i move the cd icon to a place i prefer, unmount
and mount that same cd again the icon is placed on the position i gave it earlier.
However, if i insert a "new" cd my system has never seen before it get's placed
on a random spot again. This place seems different for each cd. Sometimes it's
placed at the top left corner, then somewhere centered on the left, then on the
bottom of the screen, etc.

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