[Bug 15466] Evolution won't sync calendar with Palm

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Thu Sep 22 13:29:23 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From jfclisham at adelphia.net  2005-09-22 14:29 UTC -------
It's defintely related to timezones.. I got it working... Here's what I did:

1) Started with a 'clean' Evolution Client (ie no appointments, contacts, etc.)
2) Launch Evolution and Choose Edit->Preferences->Calendar and Tasks
3) Set Timezone equal to New York (This is also my timezone on Palm)
4) Set up Sync and Conduits as usual using System->Pref->Palm OS Devices
5) Sync'd.

Net, only real difference is I made sure my timezones were set the same between
Palm and Evolution...  BTW, if it matters, my device is a Palm LifeDrive


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