[Bug 15439] battery time remaining refreshproblem afetr plugging AC

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------- Additional Comments From yelo_3 at yahoo.it  2005-09-15 15:37 UTC -------
ok, now I've just apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade using official server
(not mirrors) and rebooted, so everything reguarding versions and restarting
should be ok.
this is what happens (every time!)
I unpulg the AC, after a 2-3 secs the icon changes to a battery and shows 3:30
Now I replug the AC, and after a few seconds the battery changes into a plug
(correctly) but the 3:30 is still there.
Now I right-click on it, preference, uncheck and rechech "show time/percentage"
and now everything is ok
again EVERY time, (tried a dozen of times)
(I remember this bug wasn't present in hoary)
So it might be "some other very odd bug inside the applet itself" as you suggested!

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