[Bug 15439] battery time remaining refreshproblem afetr plugging AC

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------- Additional Comments From desrt at desrt.ca  2005-09-15 12:08 UTC -------
Is disabling the time indicator and reenabling it the only action you perform to
cause it to revert from showing the (incorrect) time to showing -:--?

Can you always get it to happen like this?

An idea of what might have happened if it just happened one time: the HAL ACPI
refresh interval is 30 seconds.  If your laptop failed to send an ACPI event
(which many do) then HAL will fix it up after 30 seconds (which might have
randomly occured between the time you disabled the time indicator and re-enabled
it).  There are other reasons that ACPI events might be missed -- for example,
of hald-addon-acpi wasn't running for some reason or if acpid wasn't running.

If you can get the bug to happen every time as you describe, though, it's
probably not related to HAL but some other very odd bug inside the applet itself.

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