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------- Additional Comments From mdz at ubuntu.com  2005-09-14 21:08 UTC -------
This is cosmetic, but genuine.  It may be that there is something we can do
about it.  If someone could try the test below, that could help isolate the problem.

<mdz> seb128: the gdm slowness issue is something to do with how the background
is drawn; I see it here too
<mdz> seb128: did something change from bitmap to svg or something like that?
<ogra> mdz, nothing changed in the artwork
<seb128> mdz: not that I known of
<seb128> s/known/know/
<seb128> mdz: maybe gtk/cairo ...
<ogra> seb128, what does gdm use to draw the fullscreen background ? cairo, canvas ?
<seb128> mdz: cairo has created slowdown for some stuff
<mdz> seb128: I see this everywhere, on completely different hardware,  so I
don't think it's X related
<mdz> it's completely cosmetic of course, but it gives the impression of
slowness :-/
<mdz> people will say that the entire system is slower because it makes them
feel this way
<ogra> its very likely that its cairo...
<seb128> it's the kind of issue not easy to track since it's subjective
<ogra> probably svg artwork would help
<mdz> it's  basically scaling a bitmap and drawing it on the screen
<mdz> should
<mdz> be very quick
<mdz> seb128: are there any simpler programs which use cairo to do this, so that
we can more easily compare and profile them?
<seb128> one stuff to try for somebody noticing the difference with hoary would
be to run gdm with GTK 2.6 and 2.8

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