[Bug 14903] totem-gstreamer/xine integration with firefox

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------- Additional Comments From davmor2 at gmail.com  2005-09-10 19:15 UTC -------
Sorry I am a newish linux user and this is my first bug report.  I am running
breezy badger,  Totem-gstreamer is 1.2.0 and gstreamer is 0.8.11.  To download
an mpeg file for test I used
 I copy and paste the link into Totems 'Movie/open location box' and I have also
simply right clicked the file and 'save link as' either of these methods and the
file works in totem as a normal player.  How ever if I left click on the file to
watch it in the browser it crashes totem and firefox.  With totem-xine running
rather than totem-gstreamer the play window appears but the file doesn't play,
but again if I download the file it works as above.

The player sometimes crashes imediately (mainly totem-gstreamer) or will open up
the player window and nothing happens (mainly totem-xine).  If you then click on
the back icon in firefox the whole lot crashes this happens with both
totem-gstreamer or totem-xine.  The whole lot crashes also if you close the
player window.

I will try and get the crash backtrace you requested but it might take a while
as I already pointed out I am still a relative new comer to linux.

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