[Bug 14702] corruption of write-protected files when changing permissions or deleting

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> Which partition types did you save to? What permissions did you have on them?

This happened on partitions formatted with both ext3 and reiserfs. As far as
permissions are concerned, it was my /home directory, which is usually its own
partition, but in the past was part of the root directory. But the problem
occurs in both these situations.

For what it's worth, I'm getting the same problem in Debian, in the xfce4
desktop environment. It only seems to be happening to media-related files -
audio, video, images of any file type. If I run, for example, 'chmod 644 -R
<directory name>' on a directory full of text files, the operation is performed
successfully. Exactly this used to happen in Ubuntu. On media files, the
terminal will report 'Access Denied' and then if you look in the file manager
you will see that the files have become corrupted, like I wrote above.

The only way to perform the operation successfully is if it's done from within
the directory you want to change, eg. 'chmod 644 *'. This of course assumes that
the directory is writeable in the first place. If it isn't, you have to copy all
the files to somewhere that is.

Actually, I don't think this is a file manager problem anymore. I think it's a
Linux problem. The reason I thought Nautilus may have had something to do with
it is that I used to try and perform chmod-type operations from within the
graphical environment. 

But if I am wrong and it turns out that what I am doing is just the incorrect
way of doing chmod, just let me know. I'm not exactly a Linux expert :) 

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