[Bug 17765] gnome-terminal hung, eating all CPU

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> Thanks for your bug.

You're welcome.

> Do you have this issue often?

I've only ever seen this once, and I run gnome-terminal all day, every day.

> What do you do when that happens?

I attach to the process with gdb, generate 2 debug backtraces and paste them
into a new bug report in bugzilla.

> What configuration do you use, the default one or do you change the
> fonts and some other settings?

I haven't changed much from the default configuration.  I have changed the
colours to be white on black instead of the default black on white.  And I have
changed the keyboard shortcut to create a new tab from control-t to
shift-control-t because due to a different bug control-k creates a new tab if I
leave it bound to control-t.  I think it's a dvorak thing, but that's a separate
issue (bug 17064).

If there is some way I can export the configuration to attach it to this bug,
please tell me how and I'll do it.

> Could you get a debug backtrace
> (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash) of it?

Yes.  See the original bug description above for two of them.  If I see the same
thing happen again, is there something different you would like me to do other
than doing a couple of 'where' commands in gdb?

Note that this happened the day after breezy was released - so the problem is in
the 'breezy' version of vte/gnome-terminal.

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