[Bug 17933] ftp URL should open in Nautilus rather than Firefox.

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Mon Oct 17 18:26:21 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From hegbloom at pdx.edu  2005-10-17 19:26 UTC -------
I don't know how it got set.  Perhaps it is an artifact left over from 5.04
times?  I'm not sure how to go about finding out what application may have set
it.  In either case, it appears that the key is being honored, and thus the bug
still exists.  My guess is that this is really an upstream bug, so if the
maintainer is not familiar enough with the code yet to fix and (submit a patch)
right away, if it was me I'd file it upstream (unless the Gnome maintainers are
subscribed to this buglist also).

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