[Bug 17803] Cannot mount floppy in Nautilus: given UDI is not a mountable volume

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------- Additional Comments From jorgepeixoto at redecasd.ita.br  2005-10-15 00:56 UTC -------
I confirm, both in the sense that the exat same thing happens to me and in the
senese that I googled for it and found forums posts, with no instructions to fix
In the forums, someone complained that this also happens with data cds. I have
noticed that if there is no cd in the drive or if a cd has just been put into
the drive, that message shows when you click on the cd icon on my computer.
However, the cd gets mounted automatically after some seconds and then the
fautly behaviour  disappears. 

I installed Hoary from the preview cd six months ago; recently I dist-upgraded
to Breezy preview and then to real Breezy, which is what I`m using. 

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