[Bug 17470] nautilus keeps crashing, too many symlinks?

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Tue Oct 11 15:34:03 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From kamil.toman at gmail.com  2005-10-11 16:34 UTC -------
My current setup of symlinks is:
(original directories, ext used to be another partition)
symlinked as
/p1 -> /home/p1
~/Desktop/mp3 -> /p1/mp3
~/Desktop/stuff -> /p1/stuff

the double resolv is needed Desktop/mp3 --> /p1/mp3 --> /home/ext/mp3

Note that crash only appears on click on "mp3" and _not_ "stuff" symlink.
Clicking on stuff introduces random crashes in the future due to memory
corruption. The test case haven't triggered the bug for me but I believe my bug
to be really a dup. 

The bug seems to be resolved by that short patch. I encountered no crashes with
it applied.

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