[Bug 19616] Unmounting removable media such as USB mass storage always results in error

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Mon Nov 28 12:29:16 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From c.elkjaer at gmail.com  2005-11-28 12:29 UTC -------
I can confirm this bug.

When unmounting my portable Ogg Vorbis player (aka mp3 player) I get the
following message:

   Unmount Error
   Unable to eject media

and under details:

   eject: unable to eject, last error: Invalid argument"

It sounds very likely that Nautilus not only unmounts it but also tries to eject
it. I use Dapper Drake Flight 1 + daily updates.

Sebastien, you are right about the fact that the problem does not appear when
unmounting USB keys.

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