[Bug 20161] The Trash is listed as Wastebasket in the Add to Panel dialog

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------- Additional Comments From steve at secomputing.co.uk  2005-11-27 17:14 UTC -------
I running Ubuntu Breezy (ubuntu-base is at version 0.80), Gnome-applets is at
version 2.12.1-0ubuntu1. My Language is set to English (UK and Northern Island).

The Trash is called the trash:
Mouseover the trash applet
Empty Trash action on right-clicking trash applet
The title of the nautilus window you see when opening the trash
File-Empty Trash in that nautilus window
Of course, itś .Trash in the home directory

It is called the wastebasket in the Add To Panel box (coming from right clicking
on a panel and selecting Add to Panel) only, as far as I can find.

Speaking as someone living in the UK, Trash is understood (although no one would
use such an American phrase). Wastebasket may be more traditional english but
overall I´d call it a Bin. Bin seems to be the popular choice amoungst people
around me at the moment. Nowadays, you may call it a wastebasket but only if it
was actually a basket of some description (wicker basket perhaps...).

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