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Wed Nov 23 12:48:08 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From garbaz at alice.it  2005-11-23 12:48 UTC -------
I moved /usr/share/applications/pan.desktop out of the way and tried
reinstalling pan, now for some reason the app gets properly listed in the gnome
menu, running "gnome-menu-spec-test | grep pan" happily reports:

Internet/       pan.desktop     /usr/share/gnome/apps/Internet/pan.desktop

But I am sure I couldn't get pan listed when I first installed it, perhaps
logging out and then back in would have fixed that? I'll be installing dapper
soon, I'll keep you updated about this issue. I'm sorry if I reported a non-bug,
but I had this minor problem with pan even when running debian, I'm sure.
Regards, Andrea

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