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------- Additional Comments From florian-zeitz at lycos.de  2005-11-14 20:21 UTC -------
(In reply to comment #8)
> Firefox CRASHES whenever I play an ogg using the totem plugin. This bug is
> (a) common (for example see the comment at the bottom of this page:
> http://foodfight.org/movies/Ubuntu%20Fanpeople/) and 
Yes, it is, I don't know anybody who doesn't have this problem (maybe except

> (b) extremely unprofessional (releasing this plugin with such problems).
Worded a bit harsh, but basically you're right.

> For the above reasons I'm bumping this to major.
Maybe a good idea...

> Please please please disactivate this plugin in a breezy -update, or resolve
> some other way: I know that multimedia is hard but implementing bad solutions
> will give Ubuntu a bad name.
@seb128: Would this actually be possible.
If this bug really doesn't happen to some people, I think it wouldn't be the
right solution to just disable video playback in the browser totally, but if it
really happens to everybody this would be an option.
I don't know wheter video playback (via plugin) is really a major thing in a
broader sense, but most people I know care about this.
It's also relatively hard to look at a video that is embeded somewhere, because
you have to look at the page source and find out the URL of the video and then
download it. IF you manage to do it, because the browser will most likely have
crashed until you can try to, so you might have to disable the plugin first. Not
really user friendly IMHO.

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