[Bug 11961] vfat volume now use uppercase

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------- Additional Comments From hfiguiere at teaser.fr  2005-06-22 17:54 UTC -------
It is not for Windows compatibility in general, it is for this specific user.
As for compatibility in general, it does nothing as 'ls -l' will not care
whether use is UPPERCASE, lowercase or mIxEdcaSe.
The default for the linux vfs subsystem is not shortnames=winnt according to the
man page. So I thing bug 8192 is wrong and that the user is having a different
On the other side, uppercase file are a PITA, and digital camera generate 8.3
DOS names, so when I copy over my files from the flash card, they are now UPPERCASE.

How can I set myself the option so that it does not do it ? 

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