[Bug 11850] please pick up gnome-alsamixer package from Debian

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Wed Jun 15 22:57:08 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From jb at cs.wcu.edu  2005-06-15 23:57 UTC -------
1) Gnome-alsamixer actually works well, unlike all the other stand-alone mixers
in Ubuntu;
2) There is no gnome-volume-control package, but a gnome-media package containing
other stuff I don't need, meaning waste.
3) The Gnome-media package requires gstreamer stuff. Since gstreamer has never
worked much for me whenever I've tried it, I try to avoid loading gstreamer
4) the gnome-volume-control app doesn't work, dies with a 'no volume control
elements and/or devices' type message, which seems typical of gstreamer stuff.
5) gnome-alsamixer, in addition to being well-customisable, looking good,
and working well, requires no excess packages, just basic gnome and
alsa stuff.

  I've been pulling gnome-alsamixer from debian, as I haven't seen it as
part of Ubuntu, including universe and multiverse. If there's a decent
way I can pull it thru dselect/synaptic as part of Ubuntu, please advise.


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