[Bug 11257] hald hangs after removing FireWire DVD unit

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------- Additional Comments From uid000 at gmail.com  2005-06-13 13:27 UTC -------
Anectdotal experiences from breezy & Hoary:
After installing/reinstalling Breezy (colony 1) and Hoary multiple times I have
some anecdotal experience with my firewire DVD buner.  The results appear to be
the same across both releases.  Here is what I've noticed
(1) If I boot up the os with the ieee1394 dvd burner attached and powered, it
works fine.  There is a "firewire" DVD-RW icon under "computer".
(2) If I remove and reattach the ieee1394 dvd burner during a computing session
it fails to resume normal behavior, or behavior is erratic.  Also in this
scenario, behavior of internal (hda/hdc) CD/DVD drives becomes unpredictable. 
Often one or both internal drives fail to automount or mount at all after this.
(3) Booting the OS without the ieee1394 dvd burner attached results in an unused
"CD-ROM" icon under "computer" (all though the icon is not the normal "firewire"
icon).  Attaching the ieee1394 dvd burner does not resolve this.  In this
scenario, behavior of cd/dvd drives is erratic as in scenario (3).  I have no
specific observations comparing behavior before and after the ieee1394 dvd
burner is attached during the computing session.
(4) If the OS (again breezy colony 1) or hoary is INSTALLED WITHOUT the ieee1394
dvd burner attached, then after the installation is complete, the ieee1394 dvd
burner is subsequently attached, behavior seems sane:
  (a) attaching the ieee1394 dvd burner does not result in a new icon under
  (b) inserting a CD or DVD into the now attached drive results in a new icon
(though not the "firewire" icon from scenario (1)) under "computer" as well as
automounting the volume.  The icon disappears when the cd is ejected.  This
behavior seems consistent with the that of USB attached storage, such as USB pen
drives or USB hard drives.
  (c) Behavior of the ieee1394 dvd burner doesn't seem to affect other cd/dvd
drives as in previous scenarios.

Will post dmesg/logs/configs upon request

LG GSA-4040 (i think) DVD-/+RW/RAM, Bytecc (oxford ieee1394) enclosure
ABIT IS7 motherboard:
  Intel 865 northbridge
  Intel ICH5 southbridge/IDE controller
Pentium 4 Northwood w/Hyperthreading (using 686-smp Kernel)

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