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------- Additional Comments From mpt at myrealbox.com  2005-07-21 13:00 UTC -------
That's true, but (as I should have explained before, and I'm sorry for not doing so 
properly) it's a guiding principle of both GNOME and Ubuntu that we should clutter 
people's lives as little as possible. The empty-by-default desktop is currently one 
of Ubuntu's distinguishing features.

There are other ways we could make software installation more obvious -- for 
example, (1) moving the software management tool to a more obvious place in the 
menus than "System" > "Administration", (2) giving it a name more obvious than 
"Synaptic Package Manager", and (3) redesigning Synaptic itself so that it's easier 
to use. But on the list of things we might want to make more obvious by putting 
them on the desktop, installing more software is probably pretty far down, after 
things like "Connect to the Internet" and "Change the Background Picture". And 
having a shortcut icon for any feature on the desktop would not help people to 
learn the normal way of accesing that feature.

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