[Bug 11359] Evolution - Mail looses the signature specification for an account

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------- Additional Comments From ruscook_oz at yahoo.com.au  2005-07-15 06:13 UTC -------
(In reply to comment #0)
> I use evolution to read my e-mail. I have three accounts defined. One for local
> mail in /var/mail, another to access an IMAP server and the main one for
> accessing the company Exchange-2003 server. When I define a signature to be used
> with the Exchange account and restart the evolution, most things seem to go OK,
> but when I start writing an e-mail message, the signature definition is 'None'.
> I can select it manually from the list, but previously evolution has changed the
> signature based on the selected From-address.

(In reply to comment #1)
> Could you check if all your accounts have defined signature?
> Evolution -> Edit -> Preferences -> Mail Accounts -> choose one account -> Edit
> -> last field (Signature) should be defined. Check that for every account.
> Thank you.

This happens to me in Evolution under Hoary. I have checked all my
accounts and NONE have a signature. When I set them (on all pop/imap) but not on
exchange it seems to take. I restart Evolution and I'm back to NONE. My other
machine where I've never defined an exchange account has a default signature and
works ok.

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