[Bug 12500] Dragging Files to the Trashapplet should _move_ them into trash_ not _copy_.

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Fri Jul 8 11:48:08 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From lucky at knup.de  2005-07-08 12:48 UTC -------
I'm using current Breezy. It seems that it indeed was a refresh issue, becaus
I'm unable to reproduce it now (after a reboot and dist-upgrade).

Yesterday, I first copied the images from the desktop via d'n'd into another
folder, and right after that I d'n'd'ed them from the desktop to trash.
Then, the images won't disappear from the desktop, and repeatedly d'n'ding them
to the trash-applet resulted in a dialog asking wether I would want to overwrite
them in the trash.

But since I can't reproce it now, this bug can possibly be closed again.

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