[Bug 18618] gThumb half-works with my digital camera

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> Hi,
> When I plug my digital camera in, gThumb starts, shows me the photos stored on
> the camera in /media/usbdisk/dcim//100MSDCF. If I click File/Import photos, I
> tells me it can't recognize my camera. If I force it to Sony DSC-P51 (which is
> what I have), the USB IDs don't match. GThumb tells:
> "An error occurred in the io-library ('Bad parameters'): Could not find USB
> device (vendor 0x54c, product 0x4e). Make sure this device is connected to the
> computer."

This camera is mentioned in the libgphoto2 device map, so it should be supported
in principle.

> lsusb says: "Bus 002 Device 002: ID 054c:0010 Sony Corp.

After doing this, can you please send the output of 

  ls -l /proc/bus/usb/devices/BUSNO

where BUSNO must be replaced with the number that lsusb outputs after 'Bus'; e.
g. /proc/bus/usb/devices/002

> DSC-S30/S70/S75/F505V/F505/FD92 Cybershot/Mavica Digital Camera" (but on the
> camera it's written DSC-P51).
> Also, it looks like a bit stupid that the importer thingy can't use the
> usb-storage mode it just used to show the photos on the camera.

Right, that's a gthumb oddity.

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