[Bug 20424] Ejecting a volume removes its device in /dev

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------- Additional Comments From martin.pitt at ubuntu.com  2005-12-16 16:32 UTC -------
(In reply to comment #2)
> Definitely kernel ... udev will only remove the devices when it receives a
> ACTION=remove uevent from the kernel.

Thanks, Scott.

> Windows actually "removes" devices when
> ejected, and powers them down -- I'm sure I saw a kernel patch to make Linux
> behave the same way, as some devices like iPods really don't take kindly to
> being unplugged when the power is on

This is the particular reason why we call 'eject' on USB and FireWire devices,
to properly power them off and not scare iPods. However, at least on my two
computers the devices are powered off *and* the device nodes stay around, so
that I can remount them if I want. That works very well. If the devices would
entirely disappear (as for the reporter), then this is not too bad too, though,
since the normal use case is certainly that you don't want to use the device any
more after unmounting/ejecting it.

Ben, do you know how this is actually supposed to behave?

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