[Bug 20954] Font changes do not get reverted

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------- Additional Comments From henrik at gotadsl.co.uk  2005-12-14 10:13 UTC -------
Sorry, will provide more detail :)

The problem occurs with the breezy theme system. I've just now confirmeed it
with a clean install (in VMware). Steps to reproduce:

1. Changing between any of the default themes is fine, no problems
2. Install gnome-accessibility-themes with apt/synaptic
3. Changking to any of the access themes is fine, changing back is also fine
4. But: on the two 'Large Print' themes there is a notification that this theme
has additional font settings, which you can optionally apply by clicking a
button (and this is arguably the most useful part of these themes). Clicking
that button makes all the desktop fonts and application menu bars very large. Great!
5. Changing back to Human or Clearlooks changes colours and icons, but leaves
the fonts very large, which makes it seem broken. 

I've reported it as a bug in gnome-control-center rather than in
gnome-accessibility-themes because I guess the control center should alow for a
way to recover from obscure theme settings.

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