[Bug 19438] totem should default to socket in /tmp instead of home directory

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------- Additional Comments From seb128 at ubuntu.com  2005-12-11 23:29 UTC -------
This upload fixes the issue:

 totem (1.2.1-0ubuntu1) dapper; urgency=low
   * New upstream version:
     New features:
     - New Ukrainian (uk) help files
     - Use filters in the Open file dialogues
     - Support turning off the screensaver when gnome-screensaver is used
     - Scroll to the current file in the playlist when starting to play it
     - Add ability to play back DVDs and VCDs from .iso and .bin/.cue files
     - Add a menu item for switching angles on DVDs
     - Play file from the beginning when double-clicking on it in the playlist
     - Make CD drives with blank CDs in them unsensitive in the Play Disc menu
     - Don't add backup files to the playlist
     Bug fixes:
     - Avoid weird startes when using the "Toggle fullscreen mode" shortcut
     - Fix drag'n'drop on the playlist itself not working
     - Parse Shoucast playlists in .m3u files properly
     - Stop the currently playing song when loading a media, and playing this
       media fails
     - Set the play/pause buttons' tooltips according to the image
     - Fix possible crashes on startup when the widget creation functions cannot
       be found
     - Use N/A instead of '0' when the bitrate or the number of frames
       per second isn't available in the property window (Ubuntu: #14276)
     - Fix a possible crash on startup in the Mozilla plugin
     - Fix possible i18n problems with the Nautilus properties window and the
       Mozilla plugin
     - Fix a memory leak in the Mozilla plugin
     - Fix a crasher when running the Mozilla plugin in a debug build
     - Allow compiling the Mozilla plugin against xulrunner
     - Fix duplicate access key in the display preferences
     - Fix wrong accesskeys for the saturation and hue sliders
     - Show the video properties again when a stream has video
     - Move Totem's remote socket to TMPDIR (Ubuntu: #19438)
     - Make libmusicbrainz optional
     - Build with newer versions of D-Bus
     - Fix an access to invalid memory when getting metadata from a file
     - Avoid playback stopping when seeking forward in DVDs
     - Get the xine-lib version at run-time
   * debian/patches/02b_configure.dpatch:
     - fixed with the new version.
   * debian/patches/02_lpi.dpatch,
     - updated.

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