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------- Additional Comments From vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr  2005-12-09 04:13 UTC -------
> Because zip is such an old technology, I also don't expect much help on this
> from upstream, if there even is one anymore.

Hmmmm... well, to me one of the strength of Linux is its ability to run old
hardware ;-) Also, I got the impression that Ubuntu specifically made a point to
be friendly with old hardware, so it can run on obsolete donated computers for
people in need in rich countries, or everybody in Africa, or just people (like
me...) who just don't like to bin hardware that still works ! ;-) More
specifically, I got the impression that the main reason we have an ugly
graphical boot (usplash), is because Ubuntu wanted it to work on as much old
video cards as possible. Well, I have a 10 year old video card (2D PCI Matrox
Millenium), and even this old dog is capable of displaying much better graphics
than what usplash decided on. So looks like the aim is to support at least 10
year old hardware... ;-)  Also, 1.44MB 3.5" floppy disk drive are muuuch older
than ZIP drives, yet it looks to me like they are much better supported than ZIP
drive... hum hum... ;-)
And, last but not least ;-) .... Zip drives are hardly obsolete, they are still
very much current and still manufactured ! Much to my surprise I must admit ;-)
I just had a look at their web site, and they have a full range of ZIP drives.
They have increased capacities of the disk (750MB), improved transfer speeds
(7.5MB/s) which makes them viable alternatives to rewritable CDs. There is still
an internal model with IDE/ATAPI interface. For external units, you have USB2
and Firewire interfaces, which do replace the old SCSI and parallel port interfaces.
So, why should we not support the people who buy these products, especially
considering that it's already implemented and just needs polishing/fixing, and I
am there to help you test that ;-)  And, the life expectancy of these products
is I much longer (10 years so far...) than all these short lived super cheap USB
scanners and inkjet printers, that come and go on a monthly basis, but
noentheless get attention from the community/driver developers. So I think you
really are unfair with these poor ZIP drives, please don't let them down ! ;-)
Jeez, why did I study electronics engineering, I should have been a lawyer
instead, specialising in defending poor old hardware ;-)

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