[Bug 20731] Totem fails to play some files through smb

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Fri Dec 9 00:32:37 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From alvaro.munoz at gmail.com  2005-12-09 00:32 UTC -------
I found out something new... I hope it helps...
If I change the name of 'smb://eleanor/HardDrive/Firefly/Firefly - 01x01 -
Serenity Pilot.avi' to 'smb://eleanor/HardDrive/Firefly/Firefly - 01x00 -
Serenity Pilot.avi' (Notice the change from 01x01 to 01x00), it plays fine.

As a temporary fix, I'll rename everything so totem can play the files through smb.
Notice that if I play the files from the local Hard Drive (copy the files to my
computer, then play them with totem), they play ok.

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