[Bug 18831] evolution froze while composing mail, no longer starts

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------- Additional Comments From sth at blueyonder.co.uk  2005-12-07 16:44 UTC -------
Ubuntu breezy 5.10, Evolution 2.4.1

No recent upgrades, I ran breezy from very early on in the devel cycle, not a
clean upgrade from hoary. I don't recall any other problems at the time, however
very recently I have experienced intermittent problems accessing the dvd-rom and
floppy drive on my laptop which make me suspect that my laptops motherboard has
developed a fault. Unfortunately these are both items that I rarely use and I
cannot say with any certainty whether the problem existed at the time I had the
problem with Evolution. I have since run memtest and it reported one error after
being left to run overnight. I have not had any problem with Evolution since.

Given all of the above I think we should mark this one up as a hardware problem.

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