[Bug 20320] Gnome-mag is not built with the XDamage extensions.

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Sun Dec 4 02:06:35 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From themuso at themuso.com  2005-12-04 02:06 UTC -------
I have managed to come up with a fix for this bug.

It turns out that the headers weren't the only problem. The Xdamage library is
not actually linked against the magnifier binary at compile time. I also found
that the magnifier compilation was linking against libXfixes which it can also
use, it doesn't reference the headers for that either. I have fixed both of these.

The attached patch contains the original fix in configure.in, a rebuilt
configure script and debian/control* files to add libxdamage-dev and
libxfixes-dev to the Build-Depends list.

The fix is probably slightly cludgy, but it works for me.

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