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------- Additional Comments From pbeeson at cs.utexas.edu  2005-08-26 17:24 UTC -------
So, I tracked down where the problem is.

It is not a problem with NFS, but rahter with NIS.

If, NIS is exporting any group information about cdrom, floppy, plugdevs (e.g.
MINGID in /var/yp/Makefile is =1) then hal fais on the remote machine with
gnome-volume-manager is run.  If you do ont export the info for these groups
(e.g. MINGID=1000) then HAL works fine on the client machine.  It always works
on the server machine.  However, there are situation where you want MINGID=1. 
We have a large network where many users need permissions to the dialout group
and tty group.  By putting MINGID=1, we only have to maintain groups on the NIS
server making life much easier as users come and go.  

I haven't had any problems with NIS and groups with other applications that have
the same group and users in the client and server files (e.g. group lp only has
user cupsys in the client file, but has several users---including cupsys--in the
server file.  This group gets exported via NIS, but cupsys and other software
that might use group lp have no problems.   HAL on the other hand, tends to balk
when the NIS server exports any informations about the groups it cares about,
even if the information is redundant.

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