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------- Additional Comments From vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr  2005-08-25 22:02 UTC -------
> not sure of what kpdf uses but new versions will likely use poppler like
> evince. 

According to the 'info" box, Kpdf uses Xpdf. If newer versions don't use Xpdf
anymore, then the Breezy repos are outdated ;-)

> How slow is it 

Huuuu, Seb, what did yo do to it, it's much faster today ! Not as fast as
Acrobat, but fast enough for the purpose. 

> and what kind of box do you use? 

A decently (3 year) modern machine, nForce motherboard + Athlon XP 1.45GHz
("1700+") and 768MB of PC2100 DDR RAM, plus a 7200 IDE drive that manages about
40MB/s. It's alwyas plenty fast enough for me to know that when it's slow during
normal desktop use, something is wrong somewhere ! ;-)

> it takes less than 1s to display the page here. what version of libcairo2 do
you use?

It now takes only 2 seconds or so, the first time. and random access is fast
now. No problem anymore there then. 
Is that because cairo ? Did you update some cairo related files in the last 48
hours since  ? I think I saw some cairo stuff recently in the update- manager... 

So it's fast enough now, however, the problem with poor rendering is still there
sadly :o( The small characters in most diagams, are not very sharp/neat/clean,
very difficult to read.
Kpdf (hence XPdf ?) and Acrobat don't have this problem, they load the page with
crap small text lie Evince, but half a second later, it redraws the page with
much improved graphics&text.

So about the cairo version, well I use whatever Breezy uses as I am rigthing
this, as I update Breezy at least once a day.

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