[Bug 13312] please never restart hald

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Tue Aug 16 20:34:49 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From gicmo at gnome.org  2005-08-16 21:34 UTC -------
It still totally breaks gnome-power here. I am always afraid of dbus upgrades
and do a reboot after that because half of my system is broken afterwards. I
think there are also some probles with gnome-vfs-daemon due to hal. I also heard
from the "walters" and "J5" that dbus ought never to be restarted. Sad enough
they don't seem to have a bugzilla account here, so I could cc them. So if you
still decide to restart dbus although you should not, please make at least sure
nothing breaks (which still isnt the case). Thanks in advance! Keep on rocking. 

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