[Bug 13382] Gnome Multimedia Keys not working with Rhythmbox in breezy

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Tue Aug 16 08:19:04 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From ernstp at gmail.com  2005-08-16 09:19 UTC -------
Logitech Ultraflat Keyboard. Doesn't really say anything else.

Yes, they worked in Hoary. If I bind one of the buttons to "Open Help"
instead that works just fine. As I said, the keys work, just not the ones
bound to rhythmbox.

Gnome's Keyboard Shortcuts recognizes the keys as 0xa2 and 0xed, and they 
are bound to Play/Pause and Next Song.

I don't belive xev is avaliable in Breezy right now.

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