[Bug 12754] Epiphany adds link text to URLs when dragging to new or existing tabs

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seb128 at ubuntu.com changed:

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------- Additional Comments From seb128 at ubuntu.com  2005-08-09 15:23 UTC -------
This upload fixes the issue:

 epiphany-browser (1.7.4-0ubuntu1) breezy; urgency=low
   * New upstream version:
     - Only show the leaf name on bookmarksbar for hierarchical topics.
     - Don't put the archive links on the unknownSocketType error message.
     - Fix google search URL to include www prefix.
     - Fix proxy server settings string.
     - Work around gtkmozembed focus bug (Ubuntu: #2089).
     - For empty pages, put focus in address bar.
     - Be careful not to leave a GC scheduled when terminating python.
     - Realise the embed first before grabbing focus on it.
     - Implement ::grab-focus and remove ephy_embed_activate.
     - Update the python bindings.
     - String fixes.
     - Fix setting homepage to current page.
     - Allow EPHY_DEBUG_BREAK even in non-debug builds.
     - Disable favicons from non-http URLs.
     - Fix location entry favicon updating.
     - Fix crash on "window.get_toolbar()".
     - Fix gcc 4.0 warnings.
     - Fix crash when getting context event.
     - Fix session saving on recovery with offline network.
     - Fix drawing of location entry with new default GNOME theme (Clearlooks).
     - Change the text on the 'unknown issuer' dialog.
     - Also clear favicon cache when clearing the cache.
     - Make download dialog wording clearer.
     - When switching tab, preserve the selection if it was owned by the
       location entry (Ubuntu: #10936).
     - Fix URL dragging to other tabs (Ubuntu: #12754).
   * debian/patches/03_ac_init.patch:
     - updated.

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