[Bug 12534] Ubuntu needs to fail gracefully when asked to play an MP3

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------- Additional Comments From mpt at myrealbox.com  2005-08-08 22:42 UTC -------
Ubuntu cannot play $FORMAT files, because some
countries allow patents on software, and Free
Software cannot pay for patent licenses.

( How to Help )                     ((  OK  ))

Ubuntu cannot play DVDs, because some
countries require DVD players to be licensed,
and Free Software cannot pay licensing fees.

( How to Help )                     ((  OK  ))

The double meaning of "free" actually helps here, so other localizations may be wordier. 
In both cases, any button of the form "Install $FORMAT Software..." button would go to 
the left of the "OK" button (since they're a shortcut to functions that you could get to 
by other means), but including such a button would need legal advice that I'm not 
giving. (And if the "How to Help" button is inappropriate, then so is the "Translate 
This Application..." part of LaunchpadIntegration: in both cases, it's inviting people 
who use Ubuntu to help make Ubuntu better.)

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